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Config options

Accept payments from
Accept payments specific countries
Default is All allowed countries. If you do not want to accept payments from specific countries, select them here.

Hold down the Ctrl key (Control+Click) to select more than one country.


Account login
PSiGate supports both USD and CAD via separate store/accounts. When a transaction is sent to the gateway, which account shall be used?
US Account
Always use the American account.
CAD Account
Always use the Canadian account.
Current order currency
Use the value given by the currrent order. Not sure where or how this gets set. It may differ depending on the installation. But we expect it to be "USD" or "CAD".

The initial release has no support for currency conversion or lookup. If you need it, contact us.


Send customer email to PSiGate back office
Do you want the customer email passed to the PSiGate back office records?
Email customer
This may be a leftover from other payment modules. There seems to be no logic necessary to support it. Not sure what might be required here. Wait for an installation that uses it.


Webmaster email
The webmaster email receives notifications for payments pending review (rejected by anti-fraud but order is held), and when a pre-authorization is obtained by anti-fraud, configured to reject and abandon, but cannot be voided at the gateway. More here later as needs arise.


CAD Store Account Login
CAD Store Password
US Store Account Login
US Store Password
All store accounts and passwords are provided by PSiGate. These are not the same userid/password you need to log in to the PSiGate merchant back end.


Set to Yes to make this gateway available during checkout.


Audit Log
An audit log records attempts at the payment gateway. Here, specify which payments to record (Control-Click to select more than one):

Currently there is no automatic clearing of the audit log.
The only way to view or clear the log is via MySql tools (ie phpMyAdmin).

Ideally, we support browse/view audit log in the backend by admin, with a "clear older than X days" option.


Geolocate enabled for for
PSiGate provides a "geolocation" service, so you may verify the customer IP matches the country, region or city given in the billing address.

Leave empty to disable this service.

Enter one or more comma separated iso country codes to enable this check for specific countries.

Enter all to check every country.


Geolocate level
PSiGate provides a "geolocation" service, so you may verify the customer IP matches the country, region or city given in the billing address.

This field is not used unlessw Geolocate is enabled.

Select the matches you require: country, region, city. Control+Click to select more than one.


Enter the URL for the Psigate XML Messenger Interface.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use real credit card numbers within the testing environment.
When you are ready to go live, send an email to to receive your production URL.

Send your test transactions to:
Send your live trransactions to:

To process a transaction through the test account, pass the following:

StoreID: teststore
Passphrase: psigate1234

To review your test transactions, log into with the following account information:

CID : 1000001
User: teststore
pass: testpass

Current account information is provided by PSiGate once you have begun the application process.


Message for abandoned payments
When a payment fails anti-fraud checks, and the reject action is set to abandon payment, what shall we display to the customer?

Default is Please ensure billing details match card

Message for declined payments
When PSiGate declines to authorize, what shall we display to the customer?

Default is Sorry, this tansaction has been declined.

Message for held payments
When a payment fails anti-fraud checks, and the reject action is set to hold the order, what shall we display to the customer?

Default is Payment is pending manual review.

The message for held payments is displayed as a "session error notification" (looks like a red error box, under "Your order has been received").

Other messages (reject/abandon and decline) are displayed in a javascript alert box (customer can correct details and retry payment).

Held orders have been authorized. You can void them before batch settlement to avoid anything showing on the customer statement. Otherwise you have some number of days to capture funds (check your PSiGate docs).


Credit card Verification
Set to yes to have Magento


AVS enabled
PSiGate proves an Address Verification Service (AVS), which matches the billing address with the data given by the card issuer.

Leave blank to disable using this service.


Accept AVS codes
This entry only applies if AVS Enabled is not blank.

Enter codes to accept, separated by commas.

A complete list of codes is given in the merchant back office (list of AVS codes)


Accept CVN/CVN codes
The three digit security code is known as the CVV (Card Verification Value) or CVN (Card Verification Number). It is a number that is printed, not imprinted, on your Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard. This number is never transferred during card swipes and should only be known by the cardholder, the person holding the card in their hand.

Enabled CVV checks and select (Control+Click to select more than one) which codes to reject.

PSigate supported CVN/CVV codes


Reject payment action
Rejected payment status
If a customer fails the fraud checks, what do you want to do with the payment?


This is what your customer sees as a payment option


Trace to
Enable debug tracing (yes/no). Send debug trace output to where? This log can get large fast, it is intended for development/debug only.

NOTES: You may need to create a write-able folder var/log in your webroot to use the "log" option.


Each customer has a "Trusted at PSiGate" attribute. Find this under the backend Account Information page for customers.

Anti-fraud checks at the gateway are skipped for trusted customers.

NOTES: The "Use Config" option is not implemented. For this release, set to yes/no only.

FUTURES: Want to initialize this field from oscommerce data.


Test Result
PSiGate sandbox will return one of the following:


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