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  1. Always backup first: all files and a dump of the database.

  2. If you are using the default interface and theme: Upload files to the root web folder of your magento store domain.

    If you have a custom interface/theme: unzip to a temparary location, change the folder names for "default/default", then copy to your web root.

  3. In the Magento back end, log in and go to: System > Configuration On the left-hand side, look for SALES > Payment Methods. You should see a new entry for "Psigate XML Interface". Expand the tabs and configure your settings.

  4. If you intend to use "trace=log" in the back end (for development only), ensure you have created a write-able folder var/log off the web root.

  5. Log in to your PSiGate back office, select your store and fraud settings, ensure all transation types are allowed.


1. Execute the following (use eg phpMyAdmin)
DELETE FROM `core_config_data` WHERE path LIKE 'payment/psixml%';
DELETE FROM `core_config_data` WHERE path LIKE '%Steward_Psixml%';
DELETE FROM `core_resource` WHERE `code`='psixml_setup';
DELETE FROM `eav_attribute` WHERE attribute_code LIKE 'psixml%';
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `psixml_audit_log`;

NOTE: Actual table name may differ according to how Magento was installed.

2. Remove the source files:

rm -rf /path_to_magento/app/code/local/Steward/Psixml
rm -rf /path_to_magento/app/etc/modules/Steward_Psixml.xml
3. Replace app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/payment/info/cc.phtml with your original.


1. You may need your host to install CURL, enable CURL, and/or enable the ports required for the XMLMessenger.

2. You need to enable all transaction types in your PSiGate backend panel.

3. Our experience to date indicates the PSiGate IP database will trigger a small percentage of "false positives". That is, it may refuse an IP as not coming from say California, but if you look up the IP using other tools, it is indeed in California.


We found the following two modifications were useful. They are entirely optional. Where exactly the files reside depends on your installation.

Display the IP as a link that can be checked against a different DNS database...

Display a link to lookup AVS and CVN return codes...

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